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How to speedup SATA hard drives in Windows Vista

Did you know that you can increase the performance of your Sata hard drives in Windows Vista? But before we do, there are some warnings to this tweak that you should be aware of. This tweak increases the SATA hard drive performance by sending data directly to the hard drives cache where it stays until it is written to the hard drive. This can be a problem if your computer loses power, as this will cause all data still in the hard drives cache to be deleted before it gets a chance to write the data to the hard drive resulting in data loss. Because of this reason I only recommend that you use this tweak if your computer is on a battery backup system.

Ok lets get started. Click on th "Start" button and then click on "Control Panel". Under Control Panel look for and click on "Device Manager".

After opening up Device Manager click on Disk drives to expand all the drives on your computer and look for your SATA hard in the list of available drives.

The next step is to right click on the SATA drive that you would like to increase performance and click on "Properties".

Once the properties come up look for and click on the tab labeled "Policies".
The last step is to click on "Enable advanced performance" and then click "OK" to close the window out.
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