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How to remove toolbars from Internet Explorer 7

Have you ever wanted to remove that toolbar from internet explorer or ever had to many toolbars that took up half of a screen? Today i ran across a plague of toolbars :

As you can see having to many toolbars can be quite distracting when you can only see half of a page. So lets get rid of them by first clicking on "tools".

Then click on "Manage Add-ons" and then "Enable or Disable Add-ons" and then you should receive a dialog box like the one below.

From here you want to highlight the Add-on you want to remove and tick on the "Disable " under the "Settings" box on the bottom left hand corner of the dialog box. Then repeat as needed for each toolbar that you would like removed and then press "OK". You must restart Internet Explorer before any changes will be made. After Internet Explorer has been restarted you should have your full view back.

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