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How to remove Norton Software after add/remove programs will not uninstall

Five years ago Norton had many quality products, but over the years Norton software has caused many problems, has become increasingly bloated and has become one of the worst anti-virus products that you can put on your computer. A majority of computers that come in for virus removal are being protected with Norton and it doesn't end there, it has also been the cause for many other numerous problems that can be traced back to a corrupted Norton installation.
Once Norton has become corrupted it becomes harder to remove and the normal method of uninstalling using add/remove programs is unable to remove Norton. So how do you remove Norton? Because Norton has such a problem of corruption Norton has developed a special removal tool that makes it easy for anyone to remove Norton. The first step is to download the Norton removal tool that can be found here.
Once you have downloaded the Norton removal tool you want to run it and click on the "NEXT" button.

Then accept the license agreement and press "Next".

The next screen is a captcha screen where you will have to type in the letters that you see in the
text area and in this case it is hthh and then press "NEXT".

You will then be warned that it will take several minutes to perform program removal and then press "NEXT" again.

After several minutes have passed the operation will complete and you will be prompted to reboot windows in order to complete the process of uninstalling. Reboot windows and your finished.

After removing Norton consider installing a more dependable anti-virus or security suite.Here is my list of The best Anti Virus Protection you can download for free. Check it out.

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    Excellent post. We have found that discussing things like this within a group provides better results.