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How to boot windows into Safe Mode

Windows Safe Mode helps when you may not be able to boot windows in normal mode. This helps us because Safe Mode only loads the essential components needed to boot up helping further to troubleshoot windows. If windows will boot in Safe Mode and not Normal Mode this will narrow our troubleshooting to a software or driver issue.
There are two ways that i recommend getting into Safe Mode:

The first method is to use the F8 key right after the bios post screen and right before windows starts to load. If done correctly you will be presented with the "Windows Advanced Options Menu".

Using the arrow keys, you want to highlight "Safe Mode" and press the enter key and windows will proceed to boot into Safe Mode.

The second method, which is probably the easiest for most users, is to use a free program called BootSafe.

You can download BootSafe here .

BootSafe is very easy to use with a nice easy to use interface. Using BootSafe to get windows into windows is as easy as clicking on Safe Mode and clicking "Reboot". BootSafe requires no installation and supports Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP. To get back to Normal Mode run BootSafe again and click on "Normal Restart" and then click "Reboot" your pc will reboot back to Normal Mode.

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