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How to remove Mcafee Software after Add/Remove programs fail to do so

Mcafee Software like Norton software has a tendency to get corrupted and causes failures when you try to uninstall Mcafee software from your computer. When normal removal procedures fail you will need to download the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool which can be downloaded here.

This tool is pretty straight forward, all that is required is to download the software and run it from your computer. It will automatically uninstall Mcafee.
If you are using windows Vista you must right click on the download file (which will be MCPR.exe) and select Run as Administrator.

Once started the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool will look like the picture below.

After the Mcafee removal tool has finished, you will need to reboot after receiving the message that cleanup was successful.

Once rebooted Mcafee will be removed.
If you have decided to remove Mcafee and you are looking for another anti-virus program, I encourage you to check out The best Anti Virus Protection you can download for free

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