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How to use ccleaner to clean and optimize Windows xp and vista

Ccleaner is an excellent freeware application to remove unused files on your pc, clean your registry and clean your traces of online activity. Ccleaner can be downloaded for free at .

The first step is to launch ccleaner:

Then you want to click on analyze and let it run (this may take awhile). When this step is finished you should have something that looks like this:

The last step is to click on run cleaner and you will be presented with a prompt:

Just click ok and let it remove all of your unused files.

But ccleaner does not stop there it also has a built in registry cleaner. Start by clicking on the registry tab on the left hand side and you should have something that looks like this :

Click on scan for issues and let it run until it reaches 100% and you end up with a screen with a list of all the problems that ccleaner has found:

Click on fix selected issues and let it run it will then ask you whether you want to back up the registry.

Click on yes or no whether you would like to backup the registry and then you end up with a screen that looks like this :

Then click on Fix All selected Issues, this will clean all the issues that it has found and will leave your operating system free of unused files and registry problems.

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  1. Abhishek Saini Says:

    thanx for ccleaner........its working well