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How to convert xp filesystem from Fat32 to NTFS

Converting from FAT32 to NTFS filesystem is easy to do using convert.exe already built into windows xp. But why choose NTFS? The NTFS filesystem offers better security with file encryption and the use of file permissions. NTFS also is more reliable and less susceptible to disk errors and also supports dynamic cluster remapping for bad sectors and prevent them from being used in the future.

Now that we have decided to convert our Fat32 filesystem to NTFS lets get started by opening a command prompt by going to Start button and then hitting run. you should end up with a screen that looks like this:
Type in "cmd" without the quotation marks and press ok. this will bring up the command prompt. From the command prompt type in "convert c: /fs:ntfs" and press enter.

You will then be prompted to type the volume label, which is the name of the hard drive and in this case the volume label is ACER.

Press The enter key. You will then be prompted with a message that asks if you want to force a dismount on this volume.

Press y and press enter. Since volume c will be in use you will be prompted to convert when your computer reboots.

Now reboot and upon reboot windows will take over and convert the filesystem from FAT32 to Ntfs.

Tip: Most Acer computers with windows xp installed still come from the factory with the Fat32 filesystem

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