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The best Anti-Spyware Protection you can download for free

There are many anti-spyware programs to choose from, some are free and some are not. This is a list of my favorite anti-spyware programs that you can download for free and provide the best overall spyware protection.

1. Superantispyware

Superantispyware is the best overall spyware protection with the greatest success at removing some of the nastiest spyware programs. One of the greatest benefits of using superantispyware is the built in repair features that allow you to repair xp from spyware damage.
With great spyware protection and consistent updates, Superantispyware outperforms most paid software and best of all its free.
Super antispyware can be downloaded Here.

2. Spybot Search and Destroy

Another great spyware removal is Spybot Search and Destroy. Spybot does not have all the features that superantispyware provide, but does provide excellent protection and sometimes catches spyware that Superantispyware misses.
Spybot can be downloadedHere.

3. Lavasoft Ad-aware 2007

Ad-Aware is another free spyware scanner that provides basic protection with constant updates and an easy to use interface. Although Ad-aware provides descent protection, it does not provide the level of protection that you can get from Superantispyware or Spybot Search and Destroy.
Ad-Aware can be downloaded Here.

4. Windows Defender

Windows defender is my least favorite spyware scanner and does not support windows 2000 but still worthy with its basic protection.
Windows defender can be downloaded Here.

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