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You recieve the Error 10-fc12-0017 while installing Vista

I recently received the error 10-fc12-0017 while installing windows vista on a Toshiba Satellite a135-s4427 about halfway through the entire process using your recovery discs. This error message will occur will even occur with a set of brand new recovery discs.

The Solution:

This is a hardware problem and is the result of a malfunctioning hard drive and replacing the hard drive will fix the problem and the recovery disks will complete without causing the 10-fc12-0017 error.

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  1. Beavmetal's Blog Says:

    I've seen this question on several sites and wanted to come along and confirm your post.

    Recently I was working on a toshiba satellite l305 and got this error. Using a Vista 64-bit OEM disk, I could get the OS installed. All 32-bit version OEM and Toshiba Recovery Disk installs failed with this error.

    I changed the Hard Drive and the Toshiba Recovery Disks 32-bit Vista reinstalled fine. Running Chkdsk confirm the original disk was going bad.

    I think it is safe to conclude this error means it is a hard disk issue.